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Stickers and label printing can be used for a whole range of purposes and can boost your brands recognition and give your products, packaging and presentation a professional finish. Printed in full colour on self-adhesive. They can be cut to any shape and are printed in vibrant colours, perfect bottles and gift-wrapping to large window stickers. Stickers are one of our most versatile and creative products.

They can be applied to almost any surface. Just Click Printing, UK

Your custom stickers printing options: Just Click Printing, UK

Let Just Click Printing, UK help you create a professional look with custom branded sticker printing and labels. When it comes to business branding, every box or envelope is an opportunity to promote your brand. Custom made stickers can easily turn your brand into a household name. If you like put your name on it from product packaging to business correspondence and more. Add and extra layer of creativity with custom die cut and kiss cut stickers shapes. Whether you’re just starting out or looking grow your brand stickers and labels are a great low cost promotion option. 

Uses for stickers and labels Just Click Printing, UK

Product labelling – branding, differentiation, legal and description.

Company Branding – Put your name on it.

Easy differentiation between products – Change the colour

Information labels – Ingredients, batch number, expiry date, safety instructions, hazard warnings etc.

Address labels

Printed Sticker and Label – materials and sizes options: Just Click Printing, UK

A4 Paper Stickers on a sheet

Available in standard sizes and finishes

Black Pulp-Dyed Paper

A thick, high-quality, black adhesive paper with a fibrous texture. The adhesive has been specially designed for glass containers, and is suitable for damp conditions and low temperatures. It also has excellent resistance to immersion in ice-cold water. Due to its rigidity, it is recommended for use on bottles and jars with a diameter of over 60mm.

Gloss coated paper

A white, gloss, woodfree adhesive paper which is easily applied to curved surfaces and packaging materials, such as cardboard or plastic wraps. Recommended for indoor use, and suitable for temporary application to clothing. Perfect for full colour images requiring exceptional contrast and great detail, such as event stickers.

Gloss white polypropylene 

Glossy and white tearproof substrate with permanent acrylic adhesive. This label is suitable for internal and external use, and can be applied to plastics, making it ideal for use on wheelie bins and as warning stickers.

Metallic silver polypropylene

Glossy and silver for a metallic effect, with a permanent acrylic adhesive that is tearproof. This label can be written on, is suitable for internal and external use, and can be applied to plastics. Perfect for use on flexible containers in the cosmetic, food and personal care sectors.

Natural Greaseproof paper

This is a thick, uncoated adhesive paper with a protective greaseproof coating, Ideal for use on food packaging and has a high resistance to oil and vegetable fats. The adhesive adheres to damp surfaces at low temperatures. As this is a naturally thick substrate, it is suited to glass containers with a larger diameter (larger than 60mm).

Premium Textured Paper

An off-white paper complete with varnish for shine and durability. This label is specially developed for glass containers and is ideal for use on luxury products, such as wines and spirits, and artisan products, such as hand-crafted foods.


A pearly-white embossed almost iridescent adhesive paper ideal  for use application bottles e.g. winemaking, luxury goods. Use solid colours in your design to really bring out the finish and texture of this paper.

Standard white paper

A woodfree, white paper with a slight gloss and special adhesive designed for application in a broad temperature range. This versatile label is suitable for indoor use and is writable. Perfect for use as box labels and address labels.

Static cling transparent film

An ultra-transparent polyester film that is 100% recyclable and PVC free. This label adheres electrostatically to any smooth surface such as glass and metal, and is tearproof. This label can be attached and removed multiple times without leaving a residue and is suitable for indoor use only. Perfect for use as window stickers and posters on shop windows and at events and exhibitions.

Transparent polypropylene

A glossy and transparent sticker with a permanent acrylic adhesive that is tearproof. This label is suitable for internal and external use, and can be applied to plastics. Ideal for use as window stickers, or on shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Uncoated paper

A white, uncoated, natural paper with a special adhesive designed for application in a broad temperature range. This versatile label is writable and perfect for general all-purpose labelling.

Gloss coated removable paper

A glossy, white coated adhesive paper. This label is suitable for indoor use, on all surfaces, and is easily removed. Perfect for producing bright colours and for use as a poster at events, exhibitions and trade shows.

White or Kraft paper

Stickers with a satin, gloss or plain finish.

Vinyl stickers

For windows, cars and just about anything that needs to be waterproof.

Custom made or standard sizes in Round, Rectangle and Square Shapes or Custom Cut to your shape. 




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